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Deketa Tranae Cobb

Pure Necessity by Deketa Tranae



What gets you out of your bed every single morning besides your job? What is your driving force when life keeps coming at you with curve balls and sour lemons?  We both know that you were not put on this Earth to just pay bills and die. Yes, I know that was blunt, but it's true.


My desire, as a speaker, is to awaken my audience to fulfill your passions and purpose. I want to provide you with an understanding of how to navigate life with resilience while exuding humility. These characteristics will elevate you as a vessel that has greater value and meaning than just being a parent, best friend, or employee-of-the-month.


R&R: Rest and Resilience in the Midst of  a Shift” is my signature talk that will slap you out of bed and  have you sprinting to what you were birthed to do!

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